Indian Nursing Council

To Establish Uniforms Standards of Training for Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors.


  • • Que. A frequent question that is often been asked by the Managements of Nursing Institutions controlled by Trusts, is as to what would constitute a “ Parent Hospital” and the conditions under which such Hospital would be treated as ‘ Parent Hospital’ for the purpose of grant of suitability /permission.
    Ans. The Indian Nursing Council hereby clarifies the issue as under;
    1. 1. For a Nursing Institution [ Managed by a Trust] a ‘ Parent Hospital’ would be a Hospital either owned and controlled by the Trust or Managed and controlled by a Member of the Trust.
    2. 2. In case the owner of the Hospital is a member of the Trust then in that event an affidavit has to be taken from the member of the Trust that the Hospital would continue to function as a ‘ Parent Hospital’ till the life of the Nursing Institution. The affidavit would also be to the effect that the Member of the Trust would not allow the Hospital to be treated as a ‘ Parent/ Affiliated Hospital’ to any other Nursing Institution. The required Performa of the Undertaking to be submitted from the Member of the Trust.
    3. 3. It is to be noted that once a particular Hospital is shown as ‘ Parent Hospital’ and permission given to the Nursing Institution to conduct nursing courses, then in that event the Permission /Suitability granted would last as long as the said Hospital is attached as a “ Parent Hospital”.
    4. 4. In case the member of the Trust withdraws the Undertaking, given then in that event the permission /suitability letter issued would lapse / stand withdrawn immediately.

  • Que. What is the student patient ratio ( Clinical Facilities)
    Ans. 1:3 is the student patient ratio during clinical practice.

    With effect from 2013-2014 academic year, INC has made it mandatory to have 100 bedded parent hospital to open School & College of Nursing (the distribution of beds like Medical, Surgical, OBG & Paediatric as mentioned in the guidelines). If, the beds as desired in the hospital is not available, institution can take the affiliation from the other hospital. This stipulation of 100 bedded parent hospital was not applicable for the institution which have been established prior to 2013-2014. However, minimum 300 bedded Parent Hospital is required to grant > 60 -100 seats.
    The required bed occupancy is minimum 75%.
    1. 1. The Student patient ratio shall be 1:3 during the clinical practice that is student intake can be calculated on clinical if it is a 100 (Hundred) bedded hospital it is to be given only 30(thirty) seats provided they have all the requisite clinical areas as prescribed in the Syllabi in the hospital if not than additional hospital shall be affiliated.
    2. 2. Maximum of 60(Sixty) seats is granted if institution has more than 300 bedded parent hospital having all the clinical areas including affiliation and no other nursing institution is given the affiliation for clinical practice.
    3. 3. More than 60(Sixty) seats shall be granted if only the institution has parent hospital of 300(Three Hundred) beds or more and no other institution has been given the affiliation for clinical practice.

    Number of Seats:

    State Nursing Registration Council(SNRC) While deciding the seats and giving permission to the institution, they shall have requisite Clinical, Teaching and Physical facilities as prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council, which is mandatory as per the Section 16 of INC.

  • Que. Whether all Nursing programmes can be in same campus?
    Ans. Yes, different Nursing Programme of the same trust i.e. ANM, GNM, B.Sc., P.B.B.Sc., M.Sc. can be in same campus.

  • Whether same Nursing programmes can be in the same campus?
    Ans. 1. No. Same Nursing programmes can not be in the same campus of the same trust or of different trust.
           2. No trust can have same Nursing programme in the same city/town or in same campus.

  • Que. Can an Institute have same name of different trust?
    Ans.No two Institutes can have same name in same city/town.

  • Que. Whether Teachers can change Institution very frequently?
    Ans.Teachers who are moving from one Institution to another very frequently need to inform the State Nursing Council. Further, if they move from one State to other State, they need to delete their names from the previous State Nursing Council & register in the State Nursing Council where they are working.

  • Que. Own Building?
    Ans.Institution shall have its own building within two years of establishment i.e., from the day of permission by State Nursing Registration Council(SNRC).