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Circulars and Resolutions

Important Notice

This is to inform all the concerned, it has come to notice of INC that some unscrupulous elements are sending FAKE EMAILS (like to nursing institutions asking to pay renewal fees. It is informed that INC does not send any email asking for renewal fee or any other fee. All announcement are made through its website "" only. The fake emails may be ignored and bring it to the notice of INC.

12 May 2022 Nurses: A Voice to Lead.

Indian Nursing Council is organizing 4 days Webinar from 1st to 4th September, 2021 for all the Nursing faculty including Principal College of Nursing.

Impact Guru Foundation in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals Group launches ‘COVID Warrior Upskilling Program’ for Nurses across India- reg.

Orientation Workshop on revised B.Sc Nursing Program for Universities & State Nursing Council.

Telephonic Counselling for burnout nurses due to COVID -19( list of volunteers).

Citation - NFNA 2020.

Message from the ICN President.

Last date for uploading the Compliance report by the Insititution where suitability is not extended is 28th March, 2022.

Last date for uploading the Compliance report by the Institutions where suitability is not extended is 21st March, 2022.

Extension of last date for submission of nominations to National Florence Nightingale Award for the year 2022 - reg.

Integration of Nursing Education and Service (Dual Role) Dated 05th April, 2019 (Resolution Approved By General Body in its Meeting Held on 02.12.2018)

Bhasha Sangam.

Mandatory Modules for B.Sc (N)

Elective Modules for B.Sc (N)

Equivalency and Foreign nationals who want to study in India.

Climate Change, Air Pollution and Heat Wave and their Impact on Health-inclusion in B.Sc.(N) & Post Basic B.Sc (N) syllabus dated 03rd June 2019.

Integration of Middle Level Health Provider (MLHP) in Basic B.Sc. Nursing & Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing Curriculum-reg

Integration of Middle-Level Health Provider (MLHP) in Basic B.Sc Nursing and Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Curriculum Dated 29th May 2019.

Integration of Middle-level health Provider (MLHP) in Basic BSc.Nursing & Post Basic BSc.Nursing Curriculum.

Admission of Nursing Students to courses after 31st Oct, 2020 dated 08.03.2021.

Change in mode of receipt of all communications to Indian Nursing Council (INC) through e-mail as well as sending reply from INC through e-mail only -reg dated 25-05-2021.

Implementation of Nursing Educational Standards

MOU For Graduate Nursing Between University Of Houston College Of Nursing (Uhcon) And Indian Nursing Council (Inc)

International Council Of Nurses Share The Concern And Sorrow Of The Worst Flooding Disaster In The State Of Kerala.

Resolution Approved by General Body in its Meeting Held on 19.06.2021- M.Sc (N) Course Electives

ADVISORY - Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) Research & Publication dated 15.07.2019.

Article - Integration of Nursing Service and Education at St. John's, Bangalore.

Protection and safeguarding the interest of Nurses working in Private hospitals/Clinical Establishments dated on 29th November 2019.

Appeal to Nurses to support COVID vaccination programme dated 17.02.2021.

ICN President sends message of solidarity and support for nurses in India.

Guidelines on Academics and Examination during COVID Pandemic for the Academic Year 2020-21 dated 21-05-2021.

ICN President sends message of solidarity and support for nurses in India.

The Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement Between The Republic Of India And The Republic Of Singapore Mutual Recognition Agreement On Nursing Services.

Nursing Staffing pattern as per SIU norms.

Notification for Resolution approved by the Governing Body in the Meeting held on 1st-2nd July, 2016 regarding maximum age limit for admission to ANM course in Goverment ANM / Multipurpose Health Worker training Schools.

Middle-level health Provider (MLHP) Log Book.

Civil Appeal 10. 958 of 2019 arising out of SLP ( C) o. 32603 of 2017;Case; Private Nursing Schools and Colleges Management Association Versus The Indian ursing Council and Ors.

Guidelines stipulated by Indian Nursing Council while issuing NOC to all the Secretaries, H & FW , DHS/DME etc dated 16.07.2017.

Circular for Universities, State Nursing Councils & College of Nursing.

Nursing is not a paramedical course.

Resolution dated 16th June 2015.

Registration of OCI candidates

Registration of foreign nationals

Circular for admission eligibility criteria for B.Sc. Nursing

Resolution for Bond

Circular for Qualification for the post of Registrar and Deupty Registrar of State Nursing Council on 24th April 2000

Notification to All Registrars of Universities w.r.t admission follow up

Discontinuation Vocational ANM course - regarding

Equivalency of Foreign nationals who want to study in India

Notification for State Nursing Registration Council & Examination Boards w.r.t admission follow up

Migration Policy for students

Relaxation of Various Norms on 19th February 2009

Notification for Verification Fees dated 28.02.2019.

Solidarity from Japanese Nurses Association dated 09.07.2021.